Sundance Date Ski

Jolene and I went skiing today at Sundance. Only cost us $20 each since they were celebrating their 40th anniversary. (Update: Ski Sundance for $20 again this week, 8th-12th.)

It was an OK day for skiing. Overcast, but not cold or windy. The snow was old, but you can do a lot worse than packed powder (icy in spots). We had a good time skiing pretty mellow.

It's hard to believe from this photo, but I didn't crash. I call it a spaz air.

Hoping off an edge - just goofing around.

Swa-swishing down the slope.

My sweet bride.

Don't look too closely at the gear - we've got a mashup of old and new going on.

And here's a video of Jolene skiing. (I think I could be a ski cameraman!)


29er said...

I'm looking pretty slow here. I just didn't want you to crash while filming.

UtRider said...

Yeah! Get Jolene some fat skis and she'll be ripping it.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

That looks like a lovely day of skiing...totally my speed!