Day 1 With Shaved Legs

I've had shaved legs for 24 hours. The sensations and impact have been more than I imagined.

As I mentioned at the end of my leg shaving post, my legs now feel cold most of the time. And clammy, almost like they are wet. I had no idea that that relatively small amount of leg hair made such a difference.

I thought my wife would like the smooth legs, but she says they feel fake, like plastic, and it's freaking her out a little.

Slipping into bed didn't feel so amazing, as others suggested. But it may be our cotton sheets. I imagine if you had silky sheets (ie satin) the difference in feel would be more noticeable.

What feels weird is when my legs touch together. It feels like my skin is numb - like they've been sprayed with anesthetic. It's disturbing.

The second strangest sensation is pants. I don't like the feel of my pants against my legs - the numb feeling, but not as intense.

I found a few stubbly spots that feel weird compared to the surrounding smoothness. It seems I'm already getting stubble on my thighs.

I shaved up to mid-thigh. For looks I should shave higher, but for comfort it's as high as I care to go. See I sit almost all day and the stubble feels itchy when I sit on it.

On the upside I like how my legs look, generally. They look smooth and sleek and my modest muscle definition is more visible. But removing the hair revealed some previously hidden flaws.

These two scars near my knee from the crit crash last year are more clearly visible (and look much darker purple in normal light - the camera flash washes them out).

Another scar from the crit crash down near my ankle, and a pair of diggers on my shin. And what is that bump left of the diggers? It seems to be a bulged vein.

And the shins of a mountain biker. I've been whacked in the shins many times over the years by pedals, rocks, branches, etc. - and it shows.

My overall feeling is: I don't like shaved legs. They feel cold and just plain weird. But I'll keep them shaved until April, as I agreed. Perhaps I'll get used to all these new sensations and how different my legs look.

I'll be heading down to Phoenix for some mountain biking Thursday so I'll see how the shaved legs feel while riding.

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Watcher said...

My wife doesn't like it either. I keep wondering who all these women are who supposedly dig shaved legs. I also think it feels weird in pants, but only right after shaving; by the 2nd day it feels "normal."

I shave (summer-only) out of pure vanity. Once I started road-racing regularly, I got tired of having the ugliest, hairiest legs in the pack. I think all the other "benefits" are baloney. But I'm vain enough that I'll do it again this year.