Fall Family Fun

Evidently we have an addiction to Autumn because we were back at it Sunday and Monday.

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Big Spring Hollow to have a picnic dinner and hike with the kids. A lot of other people had the same idea, but it wasn't too crowded.

The first meadow.

Saw a Ruffed Grouse on the way up.

More crazy colors.

The big meadow looked amazing at twilight with the moon rising.

Monday we went up to Timpanogos Cave.

Kade had issues. He didn't like the steep edges of the trail or the height. I carried him half way up and then finally he got brave and started hiking and then he was fine. When we got to the cave he didn't want to go in, so I carried him in. He was upset and wanted out, but I kept working with him until another switch flipped and he was excitedly exploring the cave features. I'm feeling pretty good about my parenting psychology skills, but I'm sure they'll throw me a curve ball soon enough.

On the way up.

The heart of Timpanogos (but I don't think they call it that anymore - what's up with that?)

Stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, and cave bacon.

Nice flowstone.

I always forget how steep and long the hike is up to the cave. Only 1.5 miles, but over 1,000' vertical. The views were spectacular, especially with the colored leaves.

The kids enjoyed the cave. It has good decoration and is tight and twisty, but not claustrophobic. Take a flashlight for each kid (how did I not think of this?). The cave closes October 19th so if you want to see it this year do it soon.


Bill messick said...

Hey I saw your family at Big Springs on Sunday, I was with the group of 6 dogs.

KanyonKris said...

Bill - Cool! That was quite a pack you were herding there. Unfortunately my youngest daughter has an irrational fear of dogs, cats and other such animals so that's why we kept a ways off the trail. Wasn't it nice up there? Good to sorta meet you.