Topeak Mountain Morph Pump

Over the years I've had good and bad mini pumps. The last pump I had was finicky - it always took several tries before it locked onto the stem properly. So on a ride I asked Alex if he could recommend a pump and he immediately gave a strong recommendation for the Topeak Morph series of pumps. So I bought a Mountain Morph a month ago.

They are called Morph because they transform from an ordinary-looking mini-pump into a small floor pump. I've used the pump twice now and it is much easier to use. No more death gripping the pump head to support it on the stem.

The Morph pumps work like a small floor pump: Unclip the head and attached it to the stem via the foot-long hose, fold out the foot pad and stand on it, extend the handle and rotate it sideways then pump air.

The head can accommodate Presta or Schrader valves by unscrewing the cap on the head and flipping two pieces inside.

The Mountain Morph pumps a good volume of air with each stroke. It didn't take long to fill the 2.1" wide tire on my 29er bike.

Most important is the reduced effort. It takes me 2/3 the time and 1/2 the effort to pump up a tire.

The pump is larger and heavier than other mini-pumps. I have plenty of room in my CamelBak so size is not a big deal to me, and I'll gladly carry a few more ounces for a pump that works well. If you want smaller and lighter, the Mini Morph may be the pump for you.

There is also the Turbo Morph G (a Mountain Morph with a gauge) and for road bikes the Road Morph and Road Morph G (with gauge).

I'm impressed with this pump and recommend it. And Alex reports his pump has held up pretty well over the years.


Larry said...
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Ski Bike Junkie said...

I have one of those in my camelback. I think I've done one MTB ride with my camelback this season, though.

Watcher said...

Glad it's working out well for you- I'm still totally happy with mine. I was nervous the foot-piece wouldn't hold up, but it hasn't been a problem. (Though I haven't used it yet in sub-freezing temps...)

broschb said...

These pumps are great, I had one for 3 years, and left it on my bumper, and immediately bought another one w/out considering any alternatives. They work great, last for years, and if you lose/break the valve or any other pieces Topeak is great about sending replacements, and I have yet to have to pay for any of them. Thumbs up on this pump, and line of pumps.

Mike said...

I'm a Topeak Pocket Rocket user, personally.