I've Seen Fire

Jolene and I did a quick ride up Big Springs Hollow this evening. It would have been shorter but we couldn't ride very far without seeing another amazing display of Fall colors. Get to the mountains soon, the colors won't last long.

Heading up the trail.

The upper meadow.

The gully crossing.

The big meadow.

The dirt road out of the big meadow.

Two turkeys.

Near the end I came upon four turkeys only 10 feet away in the trail. They scattered as I stopped to pull out the camera. As I walked around trying to get a photo I was hearing other turkeys in the bushes. Jolene and I wandered around trying to get photos of them and spooking them from one place to another. A few times they flew up into the Cottonwoods - I don't believe we'd seen wild turkeys fly before.

The turkeys were the icing on the cake of a fantastic ride.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Wish I was there.

UtRider said...

Wow! Fire indeed. Unfortunately the SL BST doesn't look quite so pretty.

SkiMoab said...

Wow, thanks Kris. I know where I'm riding tonight.

Bill messick said...

I have rode up there quite a few times this week and my dog is scared to death of them there birds!

Jube said...

Wow! Amazing colors!!!

bikemike said...

flew into Salt Lake City for my connection to Interbike in Vegas last week. absolutely beautiful state. would you nice people allow me to move into your state. I'm an excellent bike mechanic and more or less potty trained.
Fell in love with Utah...Toyota is ready to be packed and driven.
Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Costner
Bicycle Sport
Vero Beach, fla.

KanyonKris said...

bikemike - come on over, we'd be happy to have you here.