Fallen Corner Canyon

Changed clothes and left work at 5 to ride Corner Canyon.

The low 50s and blustery wind had a little sting to it.

Rode from the equestrian center up Corner Canyon, BST, Pipeline, South Ghost Falls, Canyon Hollow, Brock's Point.

Then up the old double-tracks to Jacob's Ladder.

It has been months since I last did Jacob's. Unfortunately the trail has taken a beating. Way more washboards (especially before the turns) and a few deep grooves. Hey, sKids, knock it off! It was still fun, just not as sweet.

I continued down Ghost Falls - wow!

Last week Jolene rode it with the girls and most of the leaves were still on the trees. Now most of the leaves are fallen, but the leaf carpet is fantastic. I think I slipped into a psychedelic trance a few times as I watched the technocolor trail. The trail was perfectly hard and tacky.

Ran into a UMB buddy, Jake, on the way down and we finished off with a run down Creekside.

Some good color in the sunset as the finale.

Saw a few PsychoCross guys doing laps - getting ready for the Draper race this Saturday. No way I would have traded my ride for that. I did the race last year on my mountain bike - felt pretty much like an ICup race, meh. The cross addicts tell me the bike makes a difference so perhaps I'll finagle a real cross bike and try again. I dunno, hard for me to give up the trails while they're still not snowed in.


Anonymous said...

"I slipped into a psychedelic trance" - reminds me of "They've gone to plaid!"

PsychoCross - hilarious! I haven't tried it yet either but, at the moment, I don't have an inclination too either. Much rather get in as much trail riding as I can b/f the snow falls and not do any races.

mtb w

Rick Sunderlage said...

Do the CX race, THEN go ride the trails in Corner Canyon on your cross bike. You're legs will be nice and warm from the race.

Blackdog said...

No ride on Jamie's Mistress? Tell me that does not sound interesting?

KanyonKris said...

mtb w - the plaid line is perfect.

Rick - kind of you to think I could do both. Your legs can handle a CX race as a warm-up, it would fry my legs. Perhaps I'll come taunt, uh, cheer and hand up buy-1-get-1-free BigMac coupons and monopoly money.

KanyonKris said...

Blackdog - I was tempted to ride the mistress, but Jacob's won out this time.