Saturday A Bust

If I would have known it was going to rain Saturday afternoon I would have gone for a ride in the morning. But work first so I bought new tires for my car and got it (and the van) inspected and registered. Oh, joy.

We were planning to attend the Bike Peddler season-end ride and BBQ. The rain nixed the ride for us and most of the others, except these two die-hards:

When they rolled in they were both so cold they could hardly talk and were shivering uncontrollably.

It rained off and on (and even a bit of hail), but the burgers were good and the fire was warm.

Josh (photo below far right) ran a little point series and the frozen mud man (photo above right) took the glorious trophy (next to Josh below).

But tomorrow looks OK and I'm going to try a mountain bike ride. I hope Corner Canyon isn't muddy.

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