Prepping For 24 Hours Of Moab

Jolene is on a 4 woman team for 24 Hours of Moab. I'm going down to spectate, crew a bit and do a few rides. We've been getting things ready for the race / trip.

I replaced the headset in both Jolene's Sugar and my X-Caliber. The X-Cal had a little slop that turned into bigger slop. I tried to snug it up, but the slop remained - that usually means bad headset. And it was bad. The inner race had been worn in two. The Sugar was still on it's original headset from 2004. It actually looked pretty good, the grease wasn't filthy, but I couldn't tighten up the slop so I figured it was time for an overhaul.

I have worked on almost every part of a bike, but not a headset. I did the X-Cal at the UMB shop with Mikey. With the right tools it's an easy job. Knock the old cups out, press the new ones in, remove the old crown race from the fork and install the new one, install the fork with the new bearings in place, snug it up and lock the stem down.

I borrowed Mike's tools and did the Sugar at home. Went fine except I broke Mike's cool plastic pipe crown race setter and had to run to Mad Dog to giterdone.

The new headsets are nothing fancy, Cane Creek S-1 and S-3, but they are sealed with cartridge bearings and should last a long time.

I enjoyed learning something new about fixing bikes, and it was pretty easy.

We've also been getting stuff together we need to take down to Moab. Packing is so much fun.

I'm thinking I'll do a road ride Friday. Here's my plan: Have Jolene drop me off at the Colorado River bridge and do the Moab Century route in reverse. Up along the river, ride up Castle Valley, across the foothills of the LaSals, then down, 3-4 miles south on the highway then turn off and do 1.5 miles of cyclocross on the dirt road to the 24 Hours of Moab mobile city. Looks like 60 miles.

Not sure what I'll do Saturday. I've heard such good things about Upper Porcupine I may have to go give it a ride.

Or I may be lazy and hang out at Burning Moab the whole time. Maybe do a lap with Jolene. Sneak over and do fake live blog posts while Elden is out doing his lap ("Fatty attacked by swarm of scorpions and viciously stung - he's swollen and looks like the Michelin Man, but he continued riding."). You know, general goofing off.

But I've been feeling my oldness lately so I may just sit and eat, talk and read (I'm enjoying Big Bang - another good recommendation, dug).

Foothills Ride

Got in a little ride tonight up in the foothills. First ride for the X-Cal in a few weeks since it was out with the bad headset. I went up to the Altar to find the new trail that parallels Lament. Last time I went looking for it I went too far up GWT and found some other new trail.

I liked the trail. It's "rustic" and feels like I'm blazing trail. It connected with Crank not too far from top where it Tees into Lament (051).

Then I cruised down Crank and Ireland as the sun set and the light faded. It was dark when I got home.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Moab! Hopefully you will ride upper Porcupine (and do a review of it in your post). I read about it but haven't been back to Moab in a few years to try it out. Good luck to Jolene!

BTW, it sounds like you have back up career as a bike mechanic. I need to ride with you! My solution to bike issues is a bit more caveman-like - just kick it! Last time I tried adjusting the brakes, it took me 30 minutes of fiddling b/f I gave up. Then I looked up the manual online and fixed it 5 minutes.

mtb w

KanyonKris said...

mtb w - yeah, let's go for a ride. The headsets went pretty easy, but I've had my share of mistakes and frustration working on bikes.

dug said...

big bang is awesome. the history of the scientific method is great, but i loved finding out that the big bang theory wasn't really completely out of the woods until the mid 90s.


i'm on a revolutionary war kick. 1776, john adams, founding brothers, just finished american creation. team of rivals for good measure.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Can you just let Jolene know she's my hero? Have a great weekend!

KanyonKris said...

dug - yeah, the Big Bang theory we know to day took a long and winding path. I'm making my way through Founding Brother - it's been in the Currently Reading section of the sidebar for months - the book is good, but it's dense.

Kathleen - I'll be sure she gets the message. Thanks for the positive vibes.

bikemike said...

hey Kris
the description of Founding Brother sounds like the title for my autobiography...good, but dense.