Glenwild / Flying Dog Loop

In case you missed it Friday, Andy Hampsten is my new hero!

Mark and I rode the Glenwild / Flying Dog loop Saturday afternoon. Comfortable temperature and sunny under a bright blue sky.

We rode clockwise (first time going this direction for me) and I liked it. The climb from Sagebrush up into the Aspens of Flying Dog was just the right effort I was hoping for. I enjoyed rolling down the switchbacks on the east side.

The trail was in good shape (except for a few wet spots). Plenty of people out riding, but spread out enough it didn't feel crowded. A sweet 2 hours of Fall riding with the musty smell of fallen leaves in the air.

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Watcher said...

Yesterday (Tuesday) I woke up at 5AM, looked outside- still dry. Dressed, ate breakfast, loaded car with bike, gear, work clothes. At 6AM left house, planning to dawn-ride Flying Dog. 2 miles down Foothill Blvd, the skies opened up, and I turned back. Oh well- maybe I'll get another chance before the snow flies.