Fall Moab - Fruita Edition

This weekend I was in Fruita mountain biking with the brethren. It was an excellent trip with sunny days in the 60s - hard to believe it's November.

Friday afternoon was a quick ride of the Horsethief loop. The drop in is rough. Eric and Erik give it a go.

Bob gave it a run.

Saturday we rode the Tabeguache (Lunch Loops) area. Up Eagle's Wing and made our way over and down Gunny then back up and down Holy Cross then back to the parking lot.

Regrouping on Eagle's Wing.

Our fearless (quite literally!) leader, Rocky.

Bob and Nick flew in from Seattle. The abundant sunshine was too much and they sought out a darker spot to remind them of home.

Fruita is rugged, so you get your share of hike-a-bikes.

We finished off Saturday with a quick run out to the 18 Road area. A moderate climb up Prime Cut then flying down the whoop-dee-doos and banked turns of Kessel Run.

Sunday we went back out to the Kokopelli area and took Mary's out to Steve's Loop then on the way back we took Wrangler.

Good riding and nice views out on Steve's.

On the way back home we stopped at Ray's Tavern for burgers and ate outside. (It is the place for everyone.)

Yes, this is an abbreviated report. After days of riding with fast guys through rugged terrain, I'm tired. Didn't have it in me to tell the tale.

I enjoyed the company. Thanks to all who made this happen.

I've got some good video I'll put together and post tomorrow.


evilbanks said...

Hey man--great to meet you, great to ride with you. That weekend flew by way too fast. I think I might have your sunglasses in my vehicle. Email me your phone number. evilbanks@gmail.com

Blackdog said...

The 3rd photo from the top is funny. The usual suspects, Brad, Fatty etc and then some dude wearing cargo pants, plad shirt and high tops. Did Dug go totaly rogue?

Ricky said...

The rides and riders made for a great weekend, albeit way too short. Thanks for coming. I'm already looking forward to Fall Moab 2010.

KanyonKris said...

evilbanks - It was good to meet and ride with you also. Thanks for driving.

Blackdog - If that's dug, he's a master of disguise.

Ricky - Amen.

South County Ciclista said...

Fun weekend, nice pics. I still wish I would have had my camera ready to get your exploding chain.

Nick said...

Nice photos Kris - nice to meet you and the crew over the weekend.

Derek said...


I don't know if you've seen this video, but more ways to remember the fun.