Lunch Ride Gift

68 degrees + 11 month + 12 PM = lunch ride

Not riding yesterday was a sin (warm, sunny, trails mostly dry). Fortunately I was given a second chance today.

I've been riding Corner Canyon a lot lately so I mixed it up by riding up Oak Hollow. The trail was in good shape and I even made the tight switchback (on the 2nd attempt).

I headed up Maple Hollow through the culvert. The deep pea gravel in the lower half had me pumping the pedals to churn through it. The upper half has a deep washed out channel but there is room to ride on the sides.

I chugged up the trail and made the tight switchback on the ridge/hillside (1st try this time). The climb was fantastic with dry trail and some good views (except for the smog in the valley).

At the place where the trail ended last time I rode it, I found it continued in a roughed-in state. I was able to ride some, but more often pushed or carried the bike.

I was surprised to see snow lurking in the shadows. The trail was muddy in places, but nothing bad.

I arrived at the downhill trail, Crack at this stunt (which I rode for kicks).

Which is right above the half pipe trench. The Mapple Hollow trail is visible on the other side. The roughed in section begins not far past the left edge of the photo. I was hike-a-biking for 150 yards or so.

I was looking forward to the downhill trail, but it was pretty muddy and chewed up. I was off the bike several times. But the lower stuff down in the gully was dry so I got some DH fun.

I finished off the ride by going back down Oak Hollow. A good ride on a sunny, warm gift of a day in November.

(And the frightening Halloween post gets pushed farther down, yeah.)

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