Winter Wonder Lunch Ride

I've been denying it, but I may have to admit it's Winter.

But it was so sunny at noon and the ground around work was dry. When I stepped outside the temperature reminded me it's November, but high 40s isn't bad. I knew I'd be able to ride something in Corner Canyon so off I went.

The lower trails were fine, but even then I'd see some snow and wet spots.

Heading to Ghost Falls, down in the shade, the ground was covered in snow, but only a couple of inches. It was actually fun to ride. There were icy spots but mostly it was just packed snow and I had good traction.

Then I headed up Canyon Hollow. As I went higher the snow got deeper. 3 inches. 4 inches. I had to work to keep my balance as I went in and out of the existing tracks. And the resistance caused by the snow made me work harder. Plus I had to pedal smooth so I would maintain traction and not spin out. I dabbed 4 times. I estimate it was 90% snow covered.

I went down the road. Started off snow then got a bit muddy, but not bad.

I figured Ghost Falls would be good since it gets more sun. It was, at first. Then some snow and more mud, but not deep. I felt bad riding the trail in these conditions. I wasn't making deep ruts, but was squishing a half inch or so into the goop. I tried to avoid the wettest spots.

North Ghost Falls was mostly dry and fun to ride down.

Even the BST (in the shade) had snow.

A more interesting lunch ride than I'd planned on, but obviously my expectations were off. It felt good to be on the bike.

If I had known the trail conditions I would have gone up South Ghost Falls then over and down North Ghost Falls. All the higher trails up higher are a mess right now. The snow was kind of fun to ride and it protected the trail, but there were also muddy spots.

One option would be to ride when the ground is frozen - morning would work. But I like the sun at lunch. I'll just have to confine myself to the lower trails.

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Ski Bike Junkie said...

Steve and I rode this afternoon on pavement. It was chilly but definitely did not feel like winter. I'll have a different take on the seasons come 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.