Avant Music

Occasionally I browse Amazon's free music downloads. Most of the songs are duds, but once in a while I find something good. For me, this has been a gem:

It's out-there stuff and predominately electronic. My favorite is Triple Chrome Dipped - I'm a sucker for a good bass beat and unique sounds. I also like Hyped-Up Plus Tax (it was used to promote the Motorola Razor). Also good are Night Court, Swamp, My Radio and Half Asleep.

Ghostly Essentials put together a list of their favorite albums of the decade. I recognized only a few names. Looks interesting.

If you like techno / trance / house, the Groove sampler album had a few songs I liked.

I've only listened to a few songs from the SXSW sampler, but liked what I heard.

There are two Metal samplers for the head bangers.

Cycling Update

Another road ride in Draper but this time I felt much better. That last, sluggish ride must have knocked loose some cobwebs. It was a sunny day and I had some kick in my legs so I enjoyed the ride. I still have fitness to regain, but I no longer feel like I'm in a deep, deep hole - just a moderately deep hole.

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