Weird Booth

Back-to-back trade shows for me. Last week was Seattle, now I'm in Orlando.

Seattle was OK, but the usual rain.

It's warm here in Orlando, but rainy today.

Not that it matters much - business travel is no vacation. I'm suffering from sensory overload and a brain stuffed with a hundred quickie conversations. Just one more day and I'm home.

Here is my pick for weirdest trade show booth:

I kept looking for the aliens that landed it. They must be able to take human form.

It appears to be constructed of white, curved air mattresses. After days on my feet I had the urge to knock over a wall and take a nap, but those alien ray guns can do bad things to humans (so says many SciFi movies, surely a credible source) so I resisted the urge.

Saturday I went cross country skiing with Jolene. Two laps of the Little Mill track. It was nice.

When we got home there was a little daylight left so I aired up the tires of the road bike and headed for the hills. I felt good for the first 5 minutes, then my lack of recent activity became apparent. The climb hurt. Muscles have atrophied. Aerobic capacity diminished.

Just to be sure I did another climb. Same result. Crap.

I was sore the next day. This Spring is going to be a rude wake up call.


bikemike said...

Kris, i'm about 98 miles southeast of you...let's do lunch.

KanyonKris said...

bikemike - If only I had more time. I like the look of Florida. And now I fully understand your repeated notes about how flat it is.

We had time to drive out to the coast. It was my first time seeing and touching the Atlantic Ocean. Picked up a few shells for the kids. The sand was soft and the water felt warm - I wanted to go in.

bikemike said...

cool man. i'm guessing you ended up in cocoa beach(i dream of jeannie) or titusville(space shuttle). at least it's really GREEEN!

KanyonKris said...

We took highway 528 east until we hit water at Cocoa Beach.

bikemike said...

yep, 528 used to be called the Bee's now called the Beach Line. i used to work in cocoa(not cocoa beach, huge difference) for goodyear, hated that town, very depressing. the beach has a wonderful pier and, of course, Ron Jon's, worlds largest surf shop.
i do 528 about twice a month to drop the stepson off at his dad's place in orlando.
if you get back this way again, let me know...would love to meet you for real.

KanyonKris said...

bikemike - I know you bemoan the things Utah has that Florida does not, but to my first-timer eyes Florida looked very interesting. I'd like to visit someday. If I do I'll be sure to contact you.