Technicolor Jamie

This is a filler post, but it's short and fun. I know I promised to post about the new thing, but I don't have a good photo of it yet. Next post, I promise ("yeah, yeah", I hear you say).

Saturday my daughter Jamie went with some friends to the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork for the annual Festival of Colors.

She went last year too and attendance was over 10,000. The parking was crazy last year, this year it was also jammed but the shuttle helped.

Before the festivities they wandered around and saw some llamas. When Jamie put this photo on Facebook she tagged the three llamas as three of her guy friends. Funny. They were pretty good sports about it.

Admission is free, but the packets of brightly colored corn flour cost a few bucks.

Some people in the back jumped the gun, but it made a good picture.

Blast off!


Jamie and two of her friends.

Technicolor Jamie.

It sounded like fun, but Jolene and I went for a bike ride instead.


Greg said...


Joshua said...

I've heard about this for the past couple of years. It seems like all the cool kids were there this year. I'll bet my kids would have a ball.

Steveo said...

My teenagers seem to always do this. We spend hours cleaning up the pigmented dust from the cars, washing machine, floor, etc.

Much dirtier than mountain biking.

Probably years later it will be reported that the pigment is akin to throwing asbestos around.

Must convert teenagers to mountain biking.