Hurray For Corner Canyon

I went for a mountain bike ride up Corner Canyon today.

Yes, I know yesterday was a warm, sunny day. I chose instead of join my co-workers for a St. Patrick's Day lunch of corned beef and cabbage at the super Harmons. I can't say that was a bad choice, but it sure would have been nice to feel tires on dirt and sun on my bare arms and legs.

So I went today. 48 degrees, overcast and blustery. It had rained earlier but not enough to make mud.

I started up Lower Corner Canyon trail from the equestrian center to the BST. The ponies have bumped it up, and there are some damp spots, but no real mud.

Then BST north to Bear Canyon. Several mud puddles that could be easily skirted without widening the trail. I stopped at a small section of snow in Bear Canyon 50 yards before the bridge.

Coming back I took the Gasline trail then up South Ghost Falls all the way to the bridge at the falls. There were one or two patches of snow and shallow mud, but not enough to damage the trail if ridden.

Beyond the Ghost Falls bridge was snow and mud. Some bike tracks, but looks like a mess.

I turned around and went back down South Ghost Falls then took the stairs trail. It's good except for a downed tree at the stairs and a patch of snow there.

Looking across (south) to North Ghost Falls, Canyon View, Jamies - all snowed in.

Going down I took Creek View. Damp but no real mud.

The above route worked well. All the trails were damp and fast. I may hit it again tomorrow, weather permitting.

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