Arches - Spring Break, Day 1

Spring break for the kids last week (except for college student Jamie). Jolene came up with a good plan for a 2-day vacation and it worked out very well: Arches on Thursday, overnight in a hotel at Green River, Friday Goblin Valley and Little Wildhorse Canyon.

The weather was perfect - bright sunshine, blue skies scattered with white clouds, and cool temperatures.

Arches was fantastic.

First the hike to Delicate Arch. Yes, the arch is famous, it's on license plates, but it's still amazing.

The ledge part of the trail just before the arch has some exposure.

Kade took this photo of a lizard.

The petroglyphs not far from the trail head were worth the small detour.

Next we visited the Windows area.

Double Arch is impressive, in duplicity and scale.

I liked this view on the back side of the Windows with the snowy LaSals in the background.

The family shot with South Window in the background. (We missed Jamie.)

We went into Moab for dinner then drove to Green River to stay the night. After settling in we played in the pool for a while then to bed. The next day would be Goblin Valley and Little Wildhorse Canyon (coming in the next post).

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Greg said...

Nice shots man. the Pteroglyphs ( i think i spelled that right) are way cool.