Spring Riding Stampede

I've been riding every chance I get, blog posts are taking a backseat.

Wednesday was foothills with Jolene.

Thursday Corner Canyon solo after work.

Saturday a 3 hour foothills tour with Keith.

Tonight was more Draper trails.

Mixed it up by starting at the pool. Up Oak Hollow, east on the BST. (Looked at the sign on the locked gate at Clarks - someone cut the chains on the upper and lower gates, the sign snidely thanked them). Down Silica Pit, up Stairs, up South Ghost Falls, up Canyon Hollow (one muddy section). Jamies is still muddy, so down Brocks (all dry), down North Ghost Falls. Time running out so took Mike Weir Blvd then back on BST and Oak Hollow.

Saw some familiar faces - Joel, Jim, Tasha. Pretty sure Mr. Pogue flew past me as I cranked up South Ghost.

The sunshine, warmth, trails drying out - Spring is a sweet time to bike.