New Bike: Gary Fisher HiFi Pro



Technically it's not a new bike, but it's new to me.

I bought a used medium HiFi then transferred the parts over to the large frame I bought on eBay.

I've had the bike out for 4 rides now and I like the way it handles, climbs, descends - everything.

I've never had bar ends before so I'm trying them out. It's nice to have a different hand position available, and it's very natural for climbing, but they crowd my hands and I've almost hooked a tree or two. I think I'll remove them soon.

The astute observer will notice the carbon seat post. I'm not a fan of carbon on mountain bikes, especially the seat post. I'll get a metal one soon. Anyone got one for sale or trade?

The handle bars are also carbon and I'll replace those with an aluminum riser bar. I feel too far forward and low with the flat bars.

The cranks are also carbon, but I don't think they're much of a risk, unless your last name is Holley.

I've got the shifters and brake levers dialed in. I'm still making adjustments to the seat height / position and the suspension tuning.

The rims aren't tubeless ready so I'll either do the rim tape conversion or get some different rims / wheels.

I'll be selling off the medium frame and my Prophet soon. Hard to let the Prophet go, it's carried me over many miles of trail and it rides so plush and nimble.


Anonymous said...

I'll miss the prophet too. He was a good one. He kept you on the straight and narrow most of the time. I think you'll like that new bike. Can't go wrong with the fisher. See you soon?


29er said...

maybe you should mention that your bike pic was not taken on our lawn.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Nice ride. Highly recommend a thomson post. Spendy, but worth it.

I've got an old riser bar I'd give you, but it has a 25.4 clamp, and I'm guessing your stem is 31.8. If you get a new bar, I could help you find a home for your flat one. I also have a torque wrench, which you could use to set things up such that you don't worry about the carbon components as much.

Greg said...

I put several miles on a prototype of one of those during a trip to Wisconsin. That thing was FAST and it climbed like a goat!

KanyonKris said...

Jesse - We were planning on Cholla, but Jolene got a stomach bug. Hope you guys had a good time.

SBJ - Perhaps I can round up a 25.4 stem.

Greg - Thanks for the comment, I'm liking the bike so far.

ER Dog said...

That bike is SCREAMING to be raced!

neilandamanda said...

Hey Kris,

I sent you an email about your seatpost needs....

FraSiec said...

nice. Screaming good deal I bet.