News Flash: Sticker Stunner

What made me stop in my tracks and stare in disbelief today?

This sticker was on the side of a truck (no surprise).

So many Freudian implications here.

Reminds me of the Seinfeld (another no surprise) where George combines sex, food and TV.

With creepy results.

Now back to the regularly scheduled vacation programming...


Kevin Vigor said...

Nice rack.

KanyonKris said...


goat said...

See, I don't even get it.

People put stickers and signs and whatever on themselves, their cars, their bikes...and while I see lots of forms of expression I don't care to emulate or even like, I usually understand them.

Like the guy who races around here with a nudey pic stuck to the back of his seat tube. I'm not interested in doing the same, but I _understand_ it.

But your picture...and this...

...I don't.