1st AF Canyon Dirt 2010

I like the foothill trails - Corner Canyon, Timp foothills, Lambert. I enjoy riding them, really I do. But they don't have views like this:

And the trails don't look like this:

Yesterday after work I headed up American Fork Canyon for a mountain bike ride. In the valley the wind was howling and the dark sky looked like rain. Arriving at the Timpooneke trail head I was happy to find no wind or rain. The air was cool, but I was OK with just a short-sleeve jersey.

For the most part the trails were in great shape. Just damp enough to be tacky. There were a few mud puddles / spots, but all were easy to avoid.

The wildflowers are going strong. I stopped and saw 6 different varieties right by me. Here are a few photos:

The highlight was the Joy (Deer Creek South Fork) descent. Joy it was.

Met TallSteve along the way and talked trails. I was supposed to meet up with the Bike Peddler crew, but they got a late start and I never saw them.

The mountains are open and prime - go get some.


Aaron said...

Wow, I wouldn't have thought that Joy was open yet. Thanks for the update.

Watcher said...

Nice photos. Yes, it's sweet to finally ride up high, isn't it? It's like you've been trapped "indoors" for 8-9 months and didn't realize it till you got "outside" again.

Your flowers (in order of appearance): Singlestem Groundsel, Western Wallflower, Small-flowered Stickseed.

Sorry, I can't help myself.

KanyonKris said...

Aaron - Some trails are still closed, like Mud Springs and Tibble.

Watcher - I agree, and I didn't realize what I was missing until yesterday's ride in the mountains. The air is so fresh and full of the smells of plants coming to life. And it looks amazing too.

ID away, I like knowing the flower names.

Joshua said...

Sorry again that we missed you, we had a great ride too. I had several calls/texts all day from people asking if we were still riding, and I think in the end the wind in the valley scared people off. But the trail conditions were phenomenal, did you notice the green dust everywhere? What was up with that? I assume it's pollen, but I've never seen it before.
PS: Thanks for the sesame sample, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Josh, the green stuff everywhere is pine tree pollen, or more accurately, fir tree. It was weird looking!