Memorial Weekend

Saturday morning was Kade's first coach-pitch game. He hit the ball each time up to bat and had a good time playing ball.

In the afternoon I went out for a short road ride to the end of the South Fork of Provo Canyon. Only my 2nd time on the road bike this year (been having too much fun riding the new mountain bike). It was refreshing to be back on the road bike, it feels smooth and fast. Here's looking down South Fork - Spring is here and it's GREEN.

Monday Jolene and I went to the Draper race. She raced and I joined Karl B. for a ride around Suncrest. I went up Clarks and met Karl at the top. Then we took Eagle Crest west. Along the way we briefly saw a bright yellow bird in the trees. I'm pretty sure it was a Western Tanager, as seen in this photo my wife took Friday at South Fork Park.

But it may have been Yellow Warbler (also seen / photographed by my wife on Friday).

My wife also saw a Black-headed Grosbeak and took this photo.

Perhaps we've just been lucky, but it seems there are a lot of interesting birds around right now - especially if you get out of the city. Around the house we've seen the usual Sparrows and Robins, and also a few Blue Jays. And a Mourning Dove that has been hanging around the neighborhood cooing - I wonder if it's a male looking for a mate?

Back to the ride. Then we went took the Downhill trail and rode the BST back to Corner Canyon. I went down to join my wife for the end of the race while Karl climbed Clarks to get back home.

It was a big turnout for the race - over 400 racers. In my category, Sport Men 40+, there were 43 starters and 37 finishers. I heard the start was a massive jam. And then there was this crash:

Needless to say, I did not regret going for a ride instead of racing.

I did enjoy seeing friends and people I know. Lots of good people in mountain biking. Watched many of them get on the podium and get their ribbon. Hung out at the UMB team compound to chat and eat a burger.

A beautiful, sunny Spring day to ride and hang out.


bjchild said...

yep, that's me that went down...

KanyonKris said...

Bummer man. It looked bad. But I believe everyone was OK, right?

Toad said...

It was great seeing you out on the road again!

bjchild said...

Yes, just scrapes and bruises on my part. I spoke to the guy I crashed with (saw him last night at the biathlon race) and he looked to have worse road rash than me, but is ok.