Family Campout

Friday and Saturday we were camping with my wife's family at Bench Creek (a few miles east of Woodland). It's a lovely mountain location with lots to do.

Kara, Rachel and Kade rode horses.

Jolene, her brother James and I went for a short mountain bike ride up Nobletts Creek. It's a techy little trail (only 1.5 miles) with lots of roots, but after 1/2 mile we got tired of going over / around trees fallen across the trail so we went back.

Jolene and I tried the Log Hollow trail on the north side of the creek. It started off nice, but got steep. We turned around and had a nice downhill run.

Friday night we circled the campfire and told stories and jokes, and even sang a few songs. We slept out in a tent next to a pond.

Saturday Jolene, sister-in-law Paige and I went for a ride up Bench Creek. Wow, a very nice mountain trail. Steep at first, but mellowed out after the first mile. Gorgeous scenery and a very fun trail. We ran out of time and again got tired of all the deadfall. I want to do the full loop when the fallen trees have been cleared.

Jolene almost made it under this tree.

Mmm, sweet trail.

Coming down was vedy nice.

Later in the day the kids and I went for a ride on the 4-wheelers. Rachel was a bit nervous, being her first time. She went very slow at first but went a little faster towards the end.

On the way home we stopped at Dairy Keen in Heber for diner.

A very enjoyable weekend with the family in a beautiful location.


Watcher said...

Aack! You're on an ATV?! I couldn't be more shocked if you'd posted a photo of yourself in drag! (At least ride a dirt bike- ATVS are for fat people who can't balance.) ;^)

KanyonKris said...

Yes, the shame. The things you do for your kids - that's my defense.

We had a good time on the ATVs. It was a short ride on a dirt road up a forested canyon. I let Kade steer a while while I worked the throttle and brake - he was in heaven.

There was a dirt bike there and I wanted to take it for a spin - it's been years since I last rode one. But we ran out of time.

There it is, out of the closet. So much for my IMBA membership.