Corner Canyon Night Race

I had a good ride at the night race. Notice I said ride. I pushed my pace, and felt some pain like a race, but with so many fast guys I knew where my place would be, so I had a nice ride (and self-sorted).

It was a pleasant evening and kinda weird to start riding with it still light. I went for nearly a half hour before switching on the lights.

I was with dug and Sleepy up the road, but they pulled away when it got steeper up Ghost.

I rode with Karl the most. He's faster than me on the climbs and soon had a big gap. He hadn't been down Jacobs this year and because of this he got side-tracked with a few bad lines I caught him.

I almost ran over a whippoorwill on Jacobs. The bird stayed hunkered down right in the middle of the trail even as I got within 2 feet, then he finally flew off. Saw a few mice too.

It was a good route, I enjoyed the ride. All the descents were fun, Ghost was my favorite.

Brad finished 1st and won the purse and belt. Good he got the win, this will be one of his last Utah rides before he moves to Chicago next month. The Carborocket man will be missed.

Went to Village Inn with a few of the guys. I thought I'd just get a little something, ended up with a stack of pancakes, an egg and 2 sausages. I ate it all, easily.

I'm glad I walked away with the diet coke with lime last night, I've needed the caffeine fix this morning.

Kudos to Rick for organizing the not-a-race.


Rick Sunderlage said...

Out of all those prizes, you got the one I would have picked. A 12 pack of DC w/ lime.

Thanks for coming out and suffering with the rest of us. I slept like a baby after eating all that food.

Kyle said...

I was totally wishing I had grabbed that Diet Coke all day today. Good times!