Make That Five Canyons

As if Saturday's Four Canyons road ride weren't enough, today we hit up American Fork Canyon to ride some dirt. Gotta entertain the out-of-town guests. Jolene joined us for the ride.

My legs were pretty sore Sunday so I thought this ride was going to be misery. Happily the legs loosened up and I did OK.

We did the classic Timpooneke loop.

Here's the gang about to cross the road.

The top of Pine Hollow (this climb hurt more than usual).

The traditional Timp viewpoint (and I remembered to suck in my gut for once).

Terry was loving it. He favors the mountain bike over the road and he was tearing up the trails. The few stream crossings made him feel at home (Seattle).

Jason S. hasn't been on his MTB in years, and although a bit rusty, he rolled strong and seemed to have a good time.

Jason L. was riding good but had a near-dirt experience. We were riding down Joy (Deer Creek South Fork) just past Coitus Interuptus and I was a few yards behind Jason when suddenly he was flying through the air and his bike was spinning madly even higher. It was crazy how fast it happened. His bike came down and hit him in the helmet and he landed on a log. Amazingly he was unhurt except for a scrape on his forearm. He got up, checked for bodily injury, checked the bike and rolled off. His pedal hit the end of a log hidden in the undergrowth on the edge of teh trail.

The weather was perfect and everything is still vividly green with new batch of wild flowers coming on. The trails were dusty, but that's a small complaint.

Saw Elden and Lisa on the way back.

Arrived in good spirits back at the cars and sent Jason S. and Terry back to Seattle with grins on their faces.

Completing the play day we went to a BBQ at a park with some neighbors. Played water baseball, volleyball, bocci ball, and lots of water fights. Finished the day off with more fireworks. I love Summer!

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