Report From Kade's Teacher

Looking for something on the counter I came across this note from Kade's teacher:

I'm pleased he's "one of the nicest students" and "not once did anyone complain of Kade hitting them, etc." (etc. ?).

A bit concerned that hitting was a problem.

I'm amused the teacher concluded that because no one hit Kade it means everyone likes him. I'll take that. Even though guys prize toughness, in practice it's better to avoid a fight altogether.

A "great sense of humor" I can believe. He's often clowning around at home making us laugh. (He excels at PBF humor, and belching.)

"He is also courageous". Uh, really? Did he lead the charge in dodgeball? Defend a girl's honor? Probably not. This is 1st grade. Perhaps he stood up for himself or a classmate, or simply walked up to the front of the class when the teacher asked him to. I'd like to ask Mrs. Greene about this.

Kade reads quite a bit so I'm not surprised he's doing well. But math, don't all kids hate math? I guess if he dislikes it he's still good at it.

I found a few things in this note amusing but overall I'm glad Mrs. Greene took the time to gives us some feedback. Teaching is a noble profession and teachers don't get enough accolades. Thank you, Mrs. Greene, for instructing my son.

Update: Watcher caught the misuse of the word confidant. Funny.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Perhaps the not getting hit had more to do with his courage than his likability, i.e. nobody hit Kade because they knew he wasn't afraid to hit back.

KanyonKris said...

That's a plausible explanation. Kade is fairly mild-mannered, but perhaps at school he was more bold.

Jolene and I have had fun speculating on the meaning of this brief teacher's report.

Watcher said...

Hmm... How "confidant" are you and Jolene in his teacher, and in particular, her, uh, spelling?

KanyonKris said...

Watcher - Good catch. You'd think she'd know that spell checkers don't eliminate the need to proof read. For a quick parent note I'll let it slide. But funny that in one of the few written correspondences with a parent she made a spelling mistake.

dug said...

maybe suggest to the teacher that she look into bulleted lists.

teachers love those kinds of suggestions.

ER Dog said...

Umm. Does Kade go to an inner city school? I'm interested in the fact that hitting was such a focus of the class and her letter. Now on the other hand at my boys' school that wasn't the focus, despite my 2nd grader getting suspended for a day for choking his friend. He didn't get a brave note. Kids.