Sun Valley, Day 3 - Fisher Creek

Saturday morning we rode the popular Fisher Creek trail.

The fire in 2005 burned the upper section, but it's still got good flow and the bottom half is forested.

The approach is up Fisher Creek Road. As double-tracks go, this one is pleasant.

The burned section looks stark and, well, ugly. Yes fire is part of the natural process, but I couldn't help pine (ha!) for what it was like before the fire.

The trail snakes down into the small valley below.

Then follows a creek up and over a low saddle.

Leaving the burned area it gets nice, real nice.

The trail bombs down along Williams Creek with fantastic flow. The speed here was a rush.

The trail enters this clearing then climbs up the last hill ...

for a fast descent down a drier but still nice forested slope.

Fisher is a fun trail to ride. It has variety and flow. I recommend it, but I was bummed out by the burned areas - visually and because the trail is dry and loose.

Next up is the Redfish Lake ride which wasn't what we expected.


Watcher said...

Yesterday did Williams Ck out and back @ 8AM and spooked a black bear 15 ft ahead rounding corner dropping into that first little open draw.

Tomorrow AM I'm doing the Redfish loop before we head up North. Yeah I know you hated it, but I'm doing it CW, which is supposedly the way to go.

BTW- Red Columbine right where you said, plus on Little Casino, Potato Mtn and hiking far end of lake. Thanks!

South County Ciclista said...

The trail looks cool seeing it through the burned trees.