Timpooneke Plus Mud and Mill

I'm knackered.

Met up with TallSteve to do Timpooneke with a twist - add Mud Springs and Mill Canyon. For some silly reason I thought it would be just a little harder. Not.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good ride. Mud Springs is in good shape and was a fun descent. Mill is scenic and the new trail reroute is a reasonable grade to climb, it's just long.

And I also believed riding the Ridge from Mill to Tibble would be mostly downhill and easier. Wrong again. There are 2-3 steep little climbs sprinkled with rocks.

Joy (Deer Creek South Fork) was a blast, as always. Well, except Steve narrowly avoiding a head-on with a motorcycle. Lots of motos out tonight, more than I've ever encountered before.

Didn't have the usual juice going up DCSF, but made it OK.

At the summit the sun was going down fast so we went down Willow then a shortcut on the road and finished with single-track back to Timpooneke.

A fine and pleasant thrashing that seemed to have twice as much climbing to downhill. I'll sleep sound tonight.

Josh summed it up well.


Derek said...

My favorite section of 157 are those technical rocky climbs heading towards the 4 way. I'm wacky that way. I've been on Mill twice the last two days and I've decided you have to avoid the evenings. Both mornings, I have not run into a single sole on the trails.

Derek said...

sorry "soul". I also think it's better going up. I tested climbing it all the way from the bottom and I think the good news is there is finally a viable, trail based way to do loops from Tibble that are not epics up through Pole Line or Ant Knolls.

Anonymous said...

I feel good this morning albeit hard to have climbed out of bed. My legs hurt last night. A great ride!


KanyonKris said...

Derek - The tech stuff is fun, I cleaned a few, stumbled on others. Mill is a good climb, I'll have to try it from the bottom, although I know that one steep spot will be a killer. And, yes, I agree, the redone Mill opens up some new route possibilities - good stuff.

Steve - My legs were tingling last night, and today I can feel it on the stairs.