Student Government

My parents are moving, and in the process of going through the house they presented me with a few more boxes of treasures, which provide the material for this post.

Post mission I went to UVCC (Utah Valley Community College, now Utah Valley University) to get my general education classes before moving on to BYU for my bachelors degree.

While there I did two years of student government. It was a good experience for me and generally a lot of fun. I made some good friends.

I ran for Public Relations the first year, but didn't get elected. However, I have this awesome campaign poster:

Let's zoom in:

I'm in the back row, 2nd from the right. Sporting a thin, have-I-reached-puberty mustache. And I've got some hair going, but not sure what you call it.

Everyone's got some 80s style going. Remember those softball shirts?

The next year I ran as Technology Senator and won. It was a good year of activities and debating the weighty matters of student politics (read: nothing of serious consequence).

The following year I ran for Academic Vice President with the Focus party and won. Here's the campaign poster:

Hair still long in the back, but more under control. Mustache out, Hubble glasses in (I still had them when I got married). Tweed jacket with skinny tie. Wow, what a dork. But that's how I looked then. Pretty funny now.

So there you go, more embarrassing treasures from my past.


Grizzly Adam said...

The softball shirts are back in style. Right?

Ski Bike Junkie said...

The porn star 'stache rules.

dug said...


Nate K. said...

I agree with Mark. The stache rules! Bring it back!

KanyonKris said...

I believe I'm maxed out on looking ridiculous with a mustache. There'd have to be $ involved.

dug - Yep, Jomy. Pronounced Joe-me. You can use that name for your next girl. Or Soda. Or Seven.