Kade's Day

I took Wednesday off to watch Kade since Jamie had to work, and Jolene and the other girls are at camp this week. So it was to be a guys day.

Started early (5:30 AM) being woken up by a Thunderstorm. The clouds were low and the lightning struck near and often. Here's a short video of a few lightning flashes. The one at the end was close and loud.

Slept in a little then a leisurely breakfast.

Turned on the computer to discover the internet was out. Turns out the access point was fried. Headed out to buy a new one.

On the way back I asked Kade what he wanted to do, he chose golf. We had a good time at the miniature golf course at Cascade.

Then it was lunch time. He chose Carl's Jr., for the playground. He played in the rat maze for an hour while I played games on my phone. He was having fun so I rolled with it.

I had planned to take Kade to Big Cottonwood Canyon to see Donut Falls and Silver Lake, but the rain was back and I needed to help my neighbor replace his fried DSL modem - that storm did some damage.

Finished the day with pizza and movies at my neighbor's house.

It was fun to spend a day with my boy.

It's been a while since my last update. I've been out riding - a few morning rides, more evening rides (MTB and road). Helping my wife get ready for camp took some time. Saw Inception, it's been many months since I've seen a movie that good. Went out to dinner with friends. You know, the usual stuff. Life if good.

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