Lemon Ride

Even though I was still feeling the Timp hike, I was getting cycling withdrawal jitters so I hit up the Draper trails for a ride after work.

Decided to mix things up and start at the pool. I wanted to see what was happening with the Oak Hollow trail (last rode it in May). I'd heard the lower part (start) was widened, it's true - I preferred the old narrower trail, but it wasn't too bad.

Went through the culvert under Traverse Ridge road, made the tight switchback, past the water tank, up onto the ridge, riding up the nice hard-packed trail when I came to this:

I gave it a try but it was so soft and loose it was like riding in sand. After 50 yards I pulled the plug and went back down as I mourned the loss of that sweet narrow single-track.

Took the BST east over near the temple. Above the castle mansion I spotted the newly built Potato Hill trail theZeph told me about.

Here I've turned around to face west - Potato Hill trail on the left, BST on the right.

Newly machine cut and settling in pretty well. The heavy equipment you see in the background is along Traverse Ridge road at the S turn climb. They are digging a tunnel under the road for the trail to continue on the other side.

At Traverse Ridge road I pondered my options and decided to go up to the trail behind the Suncrest sign (Oak Vista?). It was more road uphill than I thought to get there.

I enjoyed the trail. I went down it once years ago. This was my first time up it. I was happy to make all the switchbacks.

Now in Suncrest I headed south and picked up the Eagle Crest trail and headed west. I like this trail, it feels rugged. Someone weedwacked the grass and weeds back, nice.

I started down the Maple Hollow DH trail and kept feeling this jarring like the tire was compressing and the rim was hitting the ground. I checked the air pressure and it seemed OK, but I added more air anyway. Still kept clunking. Then I noticed the fork was bottoming out in the bumps. When I came to the new cutoff for the Oak Hollow trail (or is it Valley View as seen on a 2008 Draper map, or will it be Draper Rim as Brad with Draper City told me?) I took it. Descending the DH trail with a bum fork didn't sound like fun.

The trail was OK, but it is very freshly cut so it was loose and rough, just like the lower part I tried to go up at the start of the ride. (Back in the middle you can see a mini backhoe.)

Kind of a lemon ride as I'd managed to choose a bad route while being surrounded by good trails. By checking out new and under construction trails I was aware it could get ugly, and it did.

I advise staying away from Oak Hollow until it's finished and we get some rain to solidify the tread.

The good news is, once Potato Hill gets punched under the road and the (whatever name) trail is done it will make a nice loop with the BST, or Eagle Crest if you're willing to grind up the top of the DH trail and risk the DH riders.


Blackdog said...

Potatoe hill should be nice. I rode it last week in the dark. Were they actually digging the tunnel? Last week it was just the trail up to the road.

KanyonKris said...

Last night I saw they had started digging. They may have that tunnel done pretty quick.