Summer Cramming

The days of Summer are ticking down for the kids - they start school next week. So it's time to cram.

Friday - Cascade Springs

Friday after work we drove over to Cascade Springs. It's been a few years since our last visit. We had fun roaming the boardwalks and trails looking at the springs, fish, flowers and other plants.

After driving around we found a spot with a fire ring and had a cookout.

I show the kids how to perfectly toast a marshmallow.

Then breakout the ukulele for one clumsy song.

Saturday AM - Mountain Bike AF Canyon

Jolene and I did a moderate mountain bike ride up American Fork Canyon. Start at the summit, out Ridge, down Mud Springs, up Tibble, down Joy then back up to the car.

I've come down Tibble several times, but I think this is my first time going up. Some steep pitches and tough obstacles. No, I didn't make this one.

At the 4-way we met Sally and Cat and rode with them back to the summit.

The weather and trails were near perfect. Only annoyance was all the motorcycles on Tibble.

Saturday PM - Family Reunion

Had a good time seeing all the aunts, uncles and cousins at the family reunion in Riverton.

When we parked my kids spotted this dead bat stuck to the car. We hit it last night after the cookout. Actually, it hit us as it was chasing a flying bug. Ironic timing with Alex's excellent bat post on Thursday.

Sunday - Tour of Utah

I drove up to Suncrest to watch the racers come over the summit. Fun little party up there. Saw Mark, dug, Rick, Sleepy, Jon J.

First came a small break, then another, then the peloton.

Now I'm off to a salmon dinner with the in-laws (they just got back from an Alaskan fishing trip).

Can we get one more month of Summer? Augustember? Come on politicians, get on it.

News Flash (Flood)

The White Rim road dropping down to Mineral Bottom was washed out in several places. Strong storms Thursday produced heavy rainfall and floods in Canyonlands. I first heard about this on (Rumor is spreading that the storm story is a smoke screen with the real cause being trundling.)


UtRider said...

If I hook you up with another bag of Dough Girl cookies will you invite me on an AF Canyon mountain bike ride? :)

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I can't believe the damage on White Rim. Not sure how they'll even repair that.

Joshua said...

Trundling!!! I knew it!!!
That's hilarious, I was going to make a comment over at Fat Cyclist if he talked about it.
You dog.

Watcher said...

What? You killed my bat?! That's it- send me back my sticker!