Longer Timpooneke XC Ski

Saturday I did a longer cross country ski with Steve and Kerry. Started at Pine Hollow (like last time). When we got to the Timpooneke turnoff we decided to see if we could go all the way out to the front (west face) of Mount Timpanogos.

A few snowmobiles had made a nice packed track. There was an inch or so of new snow and we made fresh tracks all the way out.

About half way out the road looking north with American Fork Canyon below and Box Elder Peak in the distance.

Steve with Tibble Fork in the background.

I had forgotten how big the slide area is the road crosses. I went across first and felt very exposed, even though I knew the avalanche danger was low. Kerry turned around here. See Steve in photo for scale.

Looking up above the slide area. Gave me the willies.

I stopped to listen to the maiden for Dug. I think I heard her say "Tell Dug to watch out for..." then the wind gusted and I missed the rest. I couldn't tell if her tone was angry for being skied on or inviting Dug and crew to come back.

We made it to the "corner" before the road heads south across the Timp bench. I was hoping for a good view of the valley below and the surrounding mountains, but no dice, the clouds had rolled in.

Mostly downhill on the way back. Coasted down a few sections but mostly poled or kick-glided. Nice to have gravity working for us on the return.

Here's a map of the trek. 15.5 miles at a decent pace was a good workout.

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