I think you know this character.

His teacher asked all the students to write a paper about school - favorite subject, least favorite subject, what you're good at, etc. Here's what Kade wrote:

Allow me to translate:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I don't like school. It is boring. I like reading. I don't like math. I want to improve in nothing. I'm good at reading.



Here's hoping he's a gifted athlete.


UtRider said...

I love the brutal honesty of kids! Alder, in 5th grade, would probably write a very similar note, if you were to substitute PE for reading.

The Mop said...

Google "The pleasure of finding things out."

it's probably something you could work on with him.

The concept is we need to chase the things we are interested in... things he wants to learn more about.

good luck.