XC Ski Timpooneke

Saturday I headed up American Fork Canyon to cross country ski. I thought about skiing Granite Flat but decided on Pine Hollow.

Good snow pack up the road. I hadn't been to Timpooneke in winter in a long time so that's where I went. I explored the trail I mountain bike, but a large pine had fallen across it so I decided to go farther up Timpooneke road. It was nice and I'm not sure I'd ever been up it on skis.

I went out 2 hours (4 miles, checked the map at home) and turned around. I didn't wear the right socks and had some painful blisters forming on my heels.

Going down was nice. I usually had to push, but in a few places I could glide. I got into a rhythm skating down the road - a bit ungainly on the classical skis but still fun.

I had some sunshine at first, which felt nice. And it was pleasant to get out of the valley haze and into clear air. Sure felt good to get up into the mountains.


Derron said...

I feel your "ungainly on the classical skis" comment. I really need to get a set of them new-fangled skate-skis, or whatever they're called. They look so much more elegant when they go gliding by. Let me know when you plan to go out again and maybe we can be "ungainly" together and not feel so retarded. Strength in numbers, right?

Watcher said...

I've been afflicted periodically by heel-blisters this year skiing, with no rhyme or reason in terms of climbing, socks, inserts, etc. I've finally just started slapping a small square of duct tape on my heel before skiing, which eliminated the problem.

Nate said...

Yep, the scenery on that road in the summer is great, winter equals it.

KanyonKris said...

Derron - I'll try to announce when I'm going, but often I have a time window up without warning.

Watcher - You're right, no downside to preemptive duct tape.

Nate - True dat.