More Violent Art

The artist known as K.A.D.E. is prolific. Here are more of his creations.

Can you spot which cupcake was decorated by Kade?

It's the dead bug bottom right with it's eyes and spots X'ed out.

Then the renaissance boy turned to poetry.

The cute border notwithstanding, here's what Kade wrote:

One, two Cindy Loo

Three, four kick the boar

Five, six eat my Twix

Seven, eight gain more weight

Nine, ten kill Ben

And like people finding masterpiece paintings on the back of amateur works, we find these on the back of Kade's homework:

Death, destruction, violence, bombs, swords - we've got nothing to worry about, right?


Nate said...

Now I think he's messin with you guys. He's got an artistic talent. You should embrace it. If you don't ya never know what will happen next!

roan said...

Get him a dog...just thinking. He can draw, most boys drew airplanes dropping bombs and such, even when I was a kid hummm a few decades ago.
Check out
neat stories and drawing done on an old school (80's) drawing system. You may be able to focus his drawing to different wildlife animal drawing, 2 buffalo with Salt Lake in bkgrd.

Anonymous said...

I miss the pictures our girls drew of cute houses with flowers and horses and puppies all under a rainbow....