Violent Art

I think we've established that our boy Kade isn't an academic overachiever. Perhaps his talents lie in other pursuits. How about art?

Jolene found this in his backpack:

Note the blood-dripping K and the exploding, on fire D.

Should we be worried?


roan said...

I'm more surprised that no one on the WORLD WIDE web has made a comment yet. The reason to me is a complete unknown.
Should you be concerned ?. As former USMC NCO(VietNam) and a competitive marksman for many years my advise would be checking a local range for a juniors program. And it would be great if you or your wife took an interest in marksmanship. I'll even suggest your daughters too should they be so inclined. This can be a very good family recreation. And would focus Kade interest in competition and safety.
BTW I recerntly read that a boy was expelled from school for having a 'deadly' NERF gun in school.

KanyonKris said...

roan - I'm sure Kade would love marksmanship. He's shot a .22 at cans and thought that was fun. He even pulled the trigger on my Dad's AR15 (with me shouldering it).

And we have a whole arsenal of Nerf guns, 3 of them are his.