Winter Shock Repair

There's always something on the bikes that needs to be fixed or maintained. But below freezing temperatures repel me from the garage. However, if I can do the repair inside then it's not so bad.

My shock has been leaking air (it lost 50 psi during the St. George trip) so I swung by Bike Peddler and bought a seal kit (and scored a few tips from Parish). The shock came off the bike pretty quick and the rest was comfortable indoor work at the kitchen table.

The Fox instructions were pretty good and the guide on ih8bikes had a few useful tips. The seals inside the air sleeve were tricky to get out and even worse to get in (thankfully I'd bought some dental picks on one of my trips to Harbor Freight). Overall it was a pretty easy job.

When I put the air sleeve back on it was noticeably more air-tight so I hope this solves the pressure loss problem.


Nate said...

you are handy! Not sure I would attempt a shock repair and I consider myself fairly handy with a bike.

KanyonKris said...

Nate - It really was pretty easy. As I've looked at the service instructions for suspension forks I've been scared off doing them myself. But this shock was surprisingly simple and easy to work on. All I had to do was screw off the outside sleeve by hand and it was open. The outside seals were easy to replace, the inner ones were tricky and took a few tries. The kit has everything you need including the lube. If you can service other stuff on your bike you can handle a Fox shock repair.