Ski, Ski, Bike

Tuesday I took the day off work to ski Sundance. I couldn't pass up the $20 Facebook lift pass deal with a fresh snow kicker. I went solo, seems everyone had stuff to do.

I was on the second chair and went straight to Bishops Bowl. Made a run where I only crosses other tracks once or twice. Only 4" of fresh powder but it was just enough to get that powder feel. I don't get many powder days so I was grinning from ear to ear.

Here's Bishops as I came up for my forth run.

It's mine, all mine! I made that track to the right on my previous run.

Sundance wasn't crowded so I just kept lapping Bishops. I made 2-3 runs elsewhere.

Several times I'd get into that cool powder turns rhythm where your turn slides the snow then it builds up and suddenly goes solid causing you to bounce into the next turn. Love that feeling.

About 3 pm my legs were turning to jelly and I was getting sloppy so I called it good and went home. Man, that was a good ski day.

Saturday Steve and went up to Aspen Grove to cross country ski up the Alpine Loop road. Neither of us had skied this side before. It's a bit more windy but still fun and the snow conditions were excellent.

Snack break at the summit.

Near Aspen Grove the peaks seem to jump up they're so close.

Steve coming down the road.

Steve and I have been having fun trying new routes this year. We've got a few more ideas we hope to get to if the snow holds out.

After the skiing I puttered around the house until I went out side and was surprised by how warm it was. I couldn't resist and hopped on the road bike for little ride down to Provo and back. I was so happy to be back on the bike I was out of the saddle romping on the pedals. Then I got into a long-ish climb in Provo and faded bad. But it sure felt good to be on the bike.

It was a good week.

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