Electronic Cigarettes, Really?

Watching TV with the kids, you know, quality family time - and a commercial comes on for EZsmoker.

It's an electronic cigarette with a battery that vaporizes liquid from a cartridge to make smoke.

So many questions.

- There is no nicotine, so is the act of smoking that enjoyable?
(You can buy refills with nicotine, which I imagine most customers do.)

- You can smoke indoors now, but won't you still get dirty looks?
(I don't think touching it to your hand is going to convince people.)

- It has a red light on the end to make it look more realistic, really?

- Is it for smokers who want to quit or for people who want to smoke but are turned off by the health risks of tobacco?

- It's not really smoke but a liquid vapor of water and glycerine, not sure how I feel about breathing that into my lungs. Oh, menthol flavor is available.

It seems most eCigarettes are advertised for quitting smoking, which I can see being effective - getting some of the sensation of smoking without so many chemicals and social stigma and better control over the nicotine dose.

But EZsmoker doesn't take the quit smoking angle in their ads, they focus on using the product to smoke with less health risks and not having to go outside to smoke. I have a hard time believing this angle appeals to many people.

However ... EZsmoker would allow me to try smoking without the risk of getting hooked (I'd get the no nicotine refills). I'd be like Humphrey Bogart, right?

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Ski Bike Junkie said...

Electronic cigarettes just seem silly. Electronic cigars or electronic joints on the other hand...