Sunglasses No-No

To all manufacturers of sunglasses, don't do this:

You see it, right? The etched name, logo, whatever on the lens.

Don't do that!

I see that stupid etching in my peripheral vision and it bugs me. The lens is for me to see through, got it? Put your branding someplace else, the frame is fine.

Perhaps this lame branding can be expected from Pugs, the king of gas station glasses. But Tifosi? Come on. You want respect? To be a quality mid-level product? Well don't do cheesy crap like etch stuff on the lens.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...


roan said...

Name on len = tunnel vision.
Sorta like people that wear glacier glass all the time = loss on peripheral vision.

Anonymous said...

"You're" welcome.
I'm just saying.

KanyonKris said...

typo fixed. thanks.