Being unemployed has distracted me from blogging. March 31st was my last day at work.

Interesting job market right now. There are job openings but employers are slow to hire and there are many candidates vying for each job. I've had some interviews. Some recent prospects look promising. I believe I'll find a new job I like, but it may take a while.

I've also been working on some projects. So I've been keeping busy.

Oh, and I've been playing just a little.

On April 3 after the snow storm Kara, Kade an I built a snow arch. We were going for Delicate Arch, I think we did OK.

On April 1st I went with Jolene for her first bike ride after breaking her leg last Fall. Just a 13 mile road ride around town. She did OK on the bike. The bumps made her broken leg feel weird.

Then on the 5th we went up South Fork (of Provo Canyon) for a 26 mile ride. There is slide across the paved trail (maybe it's gone now).

On Friday the 8th I skied with Mark and his brother Paul at Brighton with over a foot of fresh powder. It was glorious. May have been the best ski day of the year for me.

The next day, with more new snow, I did a short cross country ski with Tall Steve. It was fantastic.

I got a mountain bike ride or two in there somewhere.

It's kind of nice to be able to do stuff when the mood / opportunity strikes.

I proclaim this the Spring of Kris.


Nate said...

Spring of Kris! I like it. I'm sure you will land something soon. Just not too soon right? It would be perfect if you got a job and a start date 1 month out. Then you could REALLY relax. Good luck!

KC said...

Maybe that was not Jolene's leg feeling weird but the big rod in her leg that was feeling weird.
And I heart Seinfeld. It is always applicable.

KanyonKris said...

Nate - I like your thinking.

KC - Yes, the plates are most likely what made her leg feel weird.

janet said...
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Anonymous said...

me too, no worky, lots of ridey. in hawaii spending money i don't have.