Park City Overdose

I hadn't been on dirt in over a week and I needed a fix bad. So after doing some work in the morning I loaded up the bike and head to a place I knew I could score: Park City.

I started with Spin Cycle from the Jordanelle side. After a short pedal up the paved road I peeled off onto some luscious single-track in the trees. Ahhh.

I took the turn onto Pipeline then changed my mind thinking it would be nice to ride a little more. I got more than a little. I went up Village then turned onto Lower Gap - ha, there was nothing "lower" about it, up and up it went. Then I went down to Gap Bypass and up Deer Crest so I could get back on Pipeline. Brilliant. It was actually pretty fun riding, just more than I bargained for.

Pipeline took me to Outlook (more climbing) which dumped me onto a service road. I was happy to see yellow arrows spray painted on the road and a few markers to help me find Spin Cycle.

The top of Spin Cycle had some tight, steep, loose switchbacks. Then some cruising through trees. Then the bottom was banking side to side down a gully, which was fun. Some of the bottoms were sharp and near wheel traps - looks like some water flowed there.

Next I drove to Trailside Park for some play time. I pedaled up the access trail and played on the stunts - some skinnies and a teeter totter.

Then I warmed up on the downhill pump/flow track. It was a blast. Hard-packed dirt, bermed turns, round humps to pump on and a few short tabletops. Very good flow and fun to pump.

The newest addition to the park is a bigger, intermediate flow course. It opened a week ago. After a drop off a skinny it snakes down the hill with big bermed switchbacks and mostly tabletops with a few whoops. A big wood slat wall makes a 180 degree turn - I got half way up it at best. There is also a wood step up - I didn't see it on the first run until it was right in front of me, good thing or I may have balked, it rolled easier than I expected. I could only hit the first of the two wood slat walls at the bottom. I am no freeride air rider but I still had fun stumbling my way down this course. I got a bit faster on each of my 4 (or was it 5?) runs.

Sorry, no photos, I was having so much fun I forgot about the camera. If you want to see how it should be ridden, watch this video (with old school rap soundtrack).

The last ride was Lost Prospector. I started at Solamere which took me to the east side Lost Prospector. Nice views.

Then across Skid Row (with an unintended out and back on Fox Tail, oops).

And around to Gamble Oak.

With a nice downhill run on Solamere Connector back to the car.

It was all good riding on some trails I've been meaning to ride for years. I got my fix. I hope my legs can move tomorrow.

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Ski Bike Junkie said...

Trailside looks like fun.