Another New Car Stereo

Another new car stereo. The first one was for the Vibe, this time the van.

Old and busted.

Out with the old.

In with the new.

It's a Jensen HD5313IR CD Receiver ($90) from Crutchfield again. Sure I could save a few bucks at other stores but I like their excellent install guides.

It has HD radio, CD, Aux input, USB (with iPod controls) and SD slot. It sounds good. The controls are taking a little learning. It will be nice to use the Aux In with the DVD player. Jolene and I need to spend some time stuffing a SD card with music to put in this thing for road trips.

The install was pretty easy. I got the $10 wiring kit this time. The crimp connectors made the wiring much faster and were worth the $10, even if the crimp tool was barely adequate.

For $115 total it's a good upgrade.

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