I had a religious experience today. I feel I can share it with you, my close dissociated internet friends.

I was just watching TV when my favorite televangelist comes on. Seinfeld. I'm idly watching when...

(uh, sorry but you'll have to click away because the embedding isn't allowed for this video clip.)

Needless to say I was blown away, blow oh own away. Some may say it's just a coincidence that two of the restrooms at my new job have full-length stalls (the fortresses of solitude), but I know better. It's a sign. A reminder of my religious heritage. A call to repentance.

For years I've joked that the inclusiveness of the Seinfeld cannon on nearly every human topic qualifies it as a religion. I couldn't find any Seinfeld churches, but I'm sure there will be. Seinfeldology? It already has it's own holiday, Festivus. And it's foretold by the show itself:

(another no embed clip, humor me.)

Based on the success of Mitt Romney, I predict that in 2092 this country will elect a Seinfeldology President. You can tell your grandkids you were there when the movement started.

Bonus stall clip:


roan said...

"another no embed clip, humor me." OK...I guess they couldn't "spare a square".
Hummm...2092, hummm I'll be 143 guess I'll be voting by proxy.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

We're closer than you think. Festivism was granted religious status, and an inmate allowed special meals to celebrate, by an Orange County judge.