Three Ride New Years

I've had a nice New Years holiday.

Friday I got off work early and rode the Shoreline trail with Jolene. It was sunny and in the 50s. The trail was mostly dry. On the way home we were treated to this nice sunset.

Saturday we went ice skating with the in-laws. It's a tradition. We all had fun. But I missed skating with Jolene, the skates hurt her leg where the metal bars are. Afterward we had soup.

Then I went for a ride. I did the River Loop (I think that's what the lunch crew calls it). Up watertank, up Betty, Belt, down Frank and Johnson's Hole and the connector to Nun's Park, then up the BST and down Indian Hills. The north-facing BST was, surprisingly, dry and really good shape.

When I started this ride my legs were a bit sore from the ride the day before. And it occured to me that it's been a good while since I've done rides on back-to-back days. I thought it somewhat perverse that I enjoyed feeling of the previous day's ache as I climbed.

I haven't been riding much with the new job and winter, so I wondered how my legs would do on the climb up the Bridal Veil BST. To my surprise I did OK. It seems my fitness hasn't completely evaporated.

Coming down Indian Hills I caught another nice sunset.

Today we got our Pass of Passes at Trafalga and did a round of miniature gold while we were there.

Then I went for a ride (yeah, 3 in 4 days). I just missed Shammy but met up with Mark and Bry at the Altar. We went up to the puddle then went down Crank. I was considering going over to Dry Canyon but there had been some serious patches of ice on the way up and I didn't like the thought of encountering ice on any of the steep declines down Dry. We finished off with the Race Course and headed home.

Riding the last two days of 2011 and the second day of 2012 has been a nice way to send off the old and start off the new year. I hope 2012 is a good year for all of you.


Aaron said...

The "River Loop" ride you described is actually referred to as the RAPR (Ride Around Provo River). Nice to know that it is dry, I may try to hit it today.

KanyonKris said...

Aaron, thanks for the correction.

Yes, go ride it, it's in great shape.