Family XC Ski

Monday (President's Day) we rented cross country skis for the girls and skied Little Mill up American Fork Canyon.

Here's me and my boy. With those camo pants I think he'll be 10th Mountain Division.

Here's the whole gang, except Jolene taking the photo.

We wrapped Jolene's bad leg in packing foam and added cutouts where the metal rods are. It worked well enough she could ski, but it still hurt.

Kade and I going down a little slope.

The girls doing a Rockettes maneuver, except Kara is falling down. Love the expression caught on her face.

Second time's the charm.

Loitering kids.

And finally, a giant powdered donut.

It was nice to get out for some Winter fun.

I tried a mountain bike ride on Saturday. The foothills looked dry. They were not. When I retreated from the mud I found more mud. Once I got to pavement I just went home and hosed off my bike. This time of year it's a roll of the dice.

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