Round Valley XC Ski

Steve and I went to Round Valley (near Park City) to cross country ski Saturday.

The sky was clear and sunny when we left, but it was windy, overcast and snowed off and on while we skied.

It's been a bad year for snow but there was just enough to cover the ground at Round Valley. The groomed trails were very firm.

There are 25k of groomed trails and you can link loops to get whatever you distance want. The grades are generally mild and perfect for XC skiing, especially skate skiing (we saw skate skiers the most).

We started at Quinns trailhead near the Ability Center. Then went out on Hat Trick, Matts Flat, Cammys, then down Two Pines. The wind was so strong we had to push to get down Two Pines.

We made a loop up Sled Dog, across Rademan Ridge and down Quarry Road. Then down Silver Summit Connector, with the wind at our back we zipped along.

We took Silver Quinn Express back to the Ability Center. Kind of weird to be skiing next to a freeway. The trail was actually pretty fun with ups and downs to keep things interesting.

We finished with Hat Trick and Fastpitch to bring us back to the trailhead.

There were a few guys out on mountain bikes. The snow was so hard packed they didn't sink it. I kinda wished I had my bike, it looked fun.

I had a good time skiing Round Valley. I'd like to go again when there is more and softer snow. Or if it stays hard packed I want to ride it on my bike.

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