San Diego - Days 2, 3, 4

Monday morning DJ and I set out to ride west to Point Loma then south on the peninsula to Cabrillo Point. The riding was pretty good. Most of the time there was a wide shoulder, and sometimes a bike lane.

We had a little climb up to Point Loma then stopped for water.

It was a nice ride to Cabrillo. We took the road down to the sea shore. Nice views.

It felt good to get the pulse up on the climb back out.

We took the same route back and arrived with just enough time to shower and get to the conference.

Tuesday we rode northwest to Mission Beach. There were a few bridges to cross over Mission Bay. We rode north along the beach walkway until we arrived at Crystal Pier, which has some small bungalows out on it. The view was nice from the pier.

Being Valentine's Day I made a heart in the sand to send to my wife. (Who plans a conference on Valentine's Day? Lame.)

Then we rode south along the Pacific Beach walkway. Very scenic. And loved the salty smell of the sea air and the sounds of the surf.

At Mission Beach we headed back. On the way back we took a slightly different route through Point Loma which took us along the shore. The cliffs made a good view.

On the last day we went north again but this time hit the east side of Mission Bay. It was a good route. The park along the bay was pleasant.

We went north into La Jolla. Some nice homes there, must be worth millions. Had some more nice views of the ocean.

We made our way back to Pacific Beach and took the walkway again but kept going all the way down Mission Beach. Very nice, leisurely ride. Then back the usual route to the hotels.

Riding in San Diego in the 50s was a nice break from the 30s back in Utah. Although all the locals had jackets and looked at me a bit strangely since I had bare legs and only arm warmers.

Having a bike allowed me to see way more of San Diego, and I enjoyed every ride. I don't think I would have ever made it to a beach without a bike. Well worth $100 for the 4 days. And San Diego is pretty bike-friendly with wide streets and lots of bike lanes and paths.


roan said...

I've been reading your blog off Fatty's website for years now. Really enjoy both & others too.
Since we've not met do you mind if I call you by your first name ?
Kanyon, I knowamenefi Jolene's heart was swept away as was the Valentine you sent her.

roan said...

Kris, that was weird...the words they have one enter when posting a comment ended up in the message...just remove the 'amenefi'.

I really like that you thought to send it to her...shows real love...

KanyonKris said...

Roan, thanks for the comment. To be honest I was a little worried sending my wife the heart in the sand would produce a negative response (along the lines of "you're in San Diego on the beach and I'm stuck at home"). But she took it as the thoughtful gesture I intended. Whew!