San Diego - Day 1

I was in San Diego this week for a convention that started on Monday. I flew out early Sunday, picked up a rental road bike, went back to the hotel to change then set out for a ride around San Diego Bay.

I pedaled up to Broadway and just made the 11 am ferry over to Coronado, which is almost an island. Lots of bikes on the ferry. A cruiser bike group was out for a ride and had some tricked-out bikes.

The ferry went past the aircraft carrier Midway which has been turned into a museum. That thing is big.

Arriving at Coronado I took a bike path along the shore. It passed by a park that had this cool cycling sculpture (the wheels turn in the wind).

Over on the ocean side I stopped by the Hotel del Coronado. It's a historic site and very classy.

I walked my bike around the back past the pool and out to the beach. I parked the bike and took off my shoes and socks to walk down the beach. The sand was warm and soft.

This guy made this sand castle. I talked with him a bit, turns out his daughter lives in Park City.

Ahh, the ocean. This is what I came to see. I waded in mid-shin, the water was cold.

After wandering around and filling my water bottle I headed south down the Silver Strand. There's a bike path the whole way. I stopped at the Silver Strand State Beach and spent almost an hour there. I ran down down the beach - tried to avoid the seaweed at first, then discovered that the bulbs pop like bubble wrap when stepped on. Then I laid back, closed my eyes and soaked up the sun, listened to the surf and breathed the salt air. Serenity now.

I continued south down the Silver Strand then east along the south end of the bay. Miles of riding with no stops - just getting into a cadence and stay there.

About half way up the east side of the bay I peeled off onto a bike path going along highway 54. It ended at a mall and I rode around looking for a place. I chose a Sante Fe Turkey burger at Carl's Jr., it was really good.

Went back to the bay and headed north through an industrial area, not scenic and the roads were rough. I didn't see a pothole and got a pinch flat. The rental had a a repair kit so I fixed it and was on my way.

Close to 30 miles by the time I got back to the hotel. Took a shower and met some former coworkers for dinner downtown.

Yeah, that was a good day.

The next three days I did morning rides with my friend DJ. I'll cover those rides next.


South County Ciclista said...

Did you rent a cruiser bike and trick it out like the others?

KanyonKris said...

The cruisers looked fun, but I rented a road bike - nothing special but it ran without any problems. I updated the blog post to note I was on a road bike, thanks for catching that